My best gal, always

When the weather breaks from winter and that egg stands tall for Spring Equinox it’s hard to be morose about winter weather.

I had started a blog post for Spring…that’s as far as I got.  Yes, it’s been a minute since I have sat down to type…Spring is over and Summer is upon us.  And yes, I have been busy…too busy to notice the ebb and flow of time, the waxing and waning of the day.  Until something knocks the air from you it’s easy to keep the nonsensical pace, head down for an uncertain goal.  I wasn’t planning on writing this, for Gods sake, I can’t even plan dinner; and well, plans really mean nothing…the universe is already in motion to change them.  My heart has been broken before and it has healed and been broken again; My heart is not broken now, it hurts and feels hollow, but it is whole.



My eldest dog Kembla passed away…she lived in this world solely to love her family and be loved, and so my heart could never break when she moved on to join her wild pack of family dogs in the heavens.  She was a terrible beast at times but she was true and she left me with more love than most humans have to give.  I will live my life slower and more aware now, with my head up constantly looking in the clouds for the simple goal of being as good as she.  I will love you every day my feet are on this sand, dirt, clay and water until I can hold your paw again.

IMG_4815  IMG_4510

So when life only gives you flowers when all you want is more time, make the best of it, slow down and smell the roses and add booze.  There is no great recipe here, just a song and some flower garnishes…a toast to my best gal….my forever best friend, Kembla.